GSF's 5CSTM Process is a bolt-on platform that integrates easily into existing biomass facilities such as sugar cane mills, pulp mills and biomass boilers, The value of the existing feedstocks is maximized through the conversion of the hemicellulose portion of the biomass to ethanol and leaving a valuable residue suitable for the host's original use, be it co-generation or paper production.

 The 5CSTM Process was developed after an extensive review of the cellulosic biofuel landscape. The Process avoids or overcomes many of the traditional external commercialization barriers including feedstock aggregation, feedstock obligated uses, green-field development and many of the associated technology risks.

In order to be viable, cellulosic technologies need to integrate easily into existing biomass value chains and be complementary to existing uses. The 5CSTM Technology uses existing feedstocks and returns the majority of the contained energy (85%) back to the producer for its obligated use as boiler fuel.  In the case of paper pulp, close to 100% of the fiber is returned to the mill for paper production. Adoption is achieved through both compelling economics and minimization of impacts on the existing operations.

GSF has now packaged the 5CSTM Technology with a co-generation module for steam and electricty production.  The 5CSTM pretreatment technology has been tailored to enhance the characteristics of the residue that is used for combustion.  These modification now allow for a wide variety of grasses to be utilized as boiler feed without the worry of corrosion or slag formation.  This technology is ideally suited for developing nations; there is a need for both distributed electricity generation and transportation fuels and where biomass is readily available. 

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Our Technology

GeoSynFuels, LLC (“GSF”) has developed a proprietary economic method for the production of biofuels and biochemicals (including cellulosic ethanol and acetic acid).  This technology “bolts-on” to existing sugar cane processing facilities (or other biomass facilities) and enables the production of significant incremental ethanol at low cost.

Relative to peer technologies, 5CS™ has low operating costs (less than $1 per gallon), low capital costs (less than $3 per gallon of annual capacity) and a much shorter path to commercialization.

The 5CS™ Process provides a plug-and-play ethanol package to existing biomass aggregators such as sugar cane processors and pulp mills. The process has the potential to provide new co-product ethanol revenues to both industries.  Additionally, the 5CS™ Process has the potential to be applied to the frontend of biomass-to-energy facilities including applications such as cogeneration and pellet plants...

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